It’s throwback Thursday, and since I was rewatching this film the other day might as well talk about it. Y’all have no idea how much I love Deadpool (2016), it has everything a Deadpool film should have witty awesome really funny jokes, fourth wall breaking, the right amount of blood and just Wade fuckin’ Wilson being his ultimate hilarious self. It’s a film that no matter how many times I rewatch it I always find myself laughing uncontrollably, and I’ve watched it quite a number of times. Hell, I even own it. I mean it’s not a state of the art perfect film or anything but it is just plain fun, and what’s better than that? I cannot wait for the sequel to come out, I’m so excited to see Cable and Domino. I’m gonna give it 8 out of 10 fourth wall on fourth wall on another fourth wall break, THAT’S 16 WALLS! Wham!24845310_2024698364478245_6174843884112183296_n



Let’s talk about Thor: Ragnarok (2017), I finally got to watch it yesterday, and it was incredible. First off let me start by saying, in my opinion this one is definitely the best out of the whole Thor trilogy, it was visually stunning, the special effects were wonderful, THE MUSIC oh the music was SO GOOD, I really enjoyed all the jokes, some fell flat and sometimes they were predictable but they were good, the fight scene between Thor and Hulk was incredible, and let us never forget the villainous Hela, goddess of Death, NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR MY NEW QUEEN, she was flawless, her walk, her hair, her dog mascot, everything. Cate Blanchett really outdid herself. I will definitely put this marvelous one in the vault of my favorite Marvel Studios films. I will give it 8 out of 10 devil’s anuses (HILARIOUS).24838265_874706189365656_3811633782704832512_n


24845258_1499861436796720_5134359052742033408_n(1)I know I’m like 2 months too late but I really wanted to review IT (2017) when I first saw it but hey I didn’t have this instagram back then and it’s still fresh on my mind, so here goes, to me this is a great adaptation (dare I say even better than the mini series), it’s enjoyable, it has great visuals, it’s funny, it’s got great kid actors, it’s scary therefore it has some terrifying scenes. I’m still haunted by the Georgie scene where he shouts “you’ll float too!”, and let’s not mention the projector scene, also I didn’t sleep for like a month after this movie cause to me Bill Skarsgård made such a great Pennywise that his portrayal was following me everywhere. I also saw it twice in theaters cause I’m a masochist, what can I say other than I truly enjoyed this film and will most definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD, cannot wait for Chapter 2; and getting to see who’s gonna portray every kid as an adult, I’m really looking forward to that. I’m gonna give it 8 out of 10 pills that turn out to be gazebos.

Justice League



What can I say? I am a superhero geek all the way, Justice League (2017) is a great step-forward in solidifying the DCEU, however I must say they still got a long way to go, I particularly enjoyed the visuals and the chemistry between the League members, my favorite character to date remains Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is just a goddess. The addition of the new cast was great too, Ezra Miller as Flash especially. I didn’t find the villain to be so formidable though. Overall, it’s a good film and you should watch it, especially if you enjoy superhero films. DO NOT MISS THE END CREDIT SCENE, IT WAS WORTH IT FOR ME. I must give it 7 out of 10 truth lassos and brunches.




There’s no better way to start this than with the most recent film I’ve seen, another great example that the combination that is Disney and Pixar is a success. Coco (2017) is a masterpiece that celebrates mexican culture, with a message on family and never letting go of your dreams. I must say I cried like a baby because of its powerful message and storyline. It’s a great movie and I recommend you watch it, you won’t regret it. Also, the visuals and the music are AMAZING. I give it 10 out of 10 De La Crucito guitar solos. (P.S. if you’re not a Frozen fan be careful there’s a 20 minute short right before it.)


Tarea 3, Irma

El huracán Irma fue un evento atmosférico muy grande. Veía las noticias y lo poderoso que era, para ser sincera, estaba asustada. Como su trayectoria cambiaba mucho, tenía que estar preparada para que tocara Puerto Rico. En casa compramos lo necesario, comida, agua, productos sanitarios, etc. Pude ver en las redes sociales cómo la gente estaba preparandose a igual que yo. Gracias a la web estuve al tanto de toda su trayectoria. Llegó el momento de su paso y el último informe decía que no iba a tocar Puerto Rico, que se desvió hacia el norte. Yo vivo en el sur y estoy agradecida de que no me haya afectado. Luego de su paso, entré a la web y pude ver cómo devastó el área norte de la isla. En mis redes sociales pude comunicarme con amistades del área y saber que estaban a salvo. Pude ver imágenes impactantes. Estoy agradecida porque no tuve experiencias negativas ya que no pasó por el sur.   Image result for hurricane irma


Mi vida con y sin la web

Toda mi vida he sido una chica tímida pero con ganas de expresarme. De pequeña no tenía acceso a la web. Ya en mi pre-adolescencia, tuve la autorización de accesarla . Eso me cambió socialmente. Ya que las redes sociales son parte de la web, me suscribí a redes sociales y eso me cambió socialmente de gran manera. Se me facilitó expresarme, hice nuevos amigos, etc. La web también me ayudó académicamente. Si tengo una duda la busco en la web y la mayoría de las veces encuentro las respuestas a todo lo que busco. Me educo constantemente.

Mi vida sin la web sería muy diferente. Socialmente estaría estancada, no me hubiera desarrollado socialmente como me desarrollé con la web. No estaría tan al tanto de los sucesos del mundo como lo estoy en estos momentos. Sería estar dentro de una burbuja queriendo salir de ella y no poder. Gracias a la web expandí mis conocimientos en cosas que jamás pensé.